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Condition and Valuation Survey:

Our surveyor will inspect the vessel to determine the specific condition of the vessel, and will appraise the boat owner of all his findings at the time of the survey. The survey is documented in a Survey Report which includes fair market and replacement values for the vessel. Condition surveys cover the overall structure of the vessel and systems installations. Condition surveys do not cover internal condition of the engine(s).

Casualty (Damage) Survey:

Inspection of the vessel to determine the cause of the damage, and will determine the extent of the damage caused by the casualty. Casualty surveys also include repair recommendations including, where necessary, recommended repair methodology. Finally, our surveyor will review the costs of repairs. Casualty inspections include a Vessel Damage Report to document the findings of the inspection.

Appraisal Report:

An Appraisal Report for a vessel includes an inspection of the vessel to determine the overall general condition of the vessel for valuation purpose only. The inspection is documented with an Appraisal Report including the fair market and replacement values of the vessels. Appraisal reports are commonly used for legal and tax purposes.

Sea Trial Services:

Our surveyor will attend the sea trials with our client, and witness the operation of all systems on the vessel to assure that are systems are functioning properly at that time.

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